Outreach & Mission

Among the many ways we seek to be present in and serve our community are:

  • Neighborhood Outreach - feb 7 - 3-5 pm

    Sign up here for care packages to share with neighbors.  The first Package includes Sanitizer, masks, disinfectant wipes, a non-contact door opener keychain, and a card for writing a note.  The second Package will include snacks for a stay at home movie night (popcorn, snacks and a blank card for you to write a note.  You can pick these up at the church on February 6 from 1-3 PM.  Please sign up so we can have them ready for you.  For more information, contact Pastor Kazar at 915-212-9957 or kackerman@calimesasda.com. 


  • End it Now

    Saying "no" to Domestic Violence

    Sadly, Domestic Violence in all its forms is an issue all communities face.  End It Now is a North American Division-wide emphasis on preventing, stopping, and providing resources for healing from abuse in all its forms.  Read more about Preventing Relationship and Dating Violence and Breaking the Silence - How you can help stop the violence, by clicking on either of the preceding links in bold.  For more information on enditnow go to www.EnditNowNorthAmerica.org

  • A global humanitarian organization that delivers relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 130 countries.  For a glimpse of ADRA at work, click here.  (and enjoy the other Youtube ADRA clips you will find there as well! 

    To learn more how to respond to the global crisis and support refugees world-wide, click here.

  • Community Garden

    A collaborative project with our local chamber of commerce to provide space for a community garden.  

    For more information, click here.

  • Community Services

    An outreach of the Calimesa Church that provides temporary assistance to people in our community both through supporting our local community food bank and through directly providing some limited assistance to members of our local community.

    Community Service Volunteers meet on Monday mornings at 9:00 AM in the Community Services Room

    Community Actions Partners - Local Resources for People in Need of Assistance

  • roatan mission in honduras

    The Calimesa Church has developed an on-going relationship with a small community in Honduras.  Through annual trips to the area, medical and dental teams have visited the area providing much needed services.  Children's Ministry teams have also enjoyed working with the people in the area.  Read more about it here

Prayers & Squares

Each quit is prayerfully and lovingly made for those in our church and community so that they can wrap themselves not only in the warmth of the quilt, but also the comfort of God's love, knowing that each knot tied in the quilt represents a prayer being said for them.

When we gather for worship, church members often stop by before and after the services to tie a knot in the quilt and pray before they are given, so that each person can know that as they wrap themselves in the quilt, they are also wrapped in the prayers of our church community for them.

For more information about Prayers & Squares, contact the church office.