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We Watch, We Wait
2021 Easter Weekend Service

From the Cross to the Table
2019 Easter Weekend Service



Prayer is the opening of the heart to God

as to a friend,

Not that it is necessary

in order to make known to God what we are,

But in order to enable us to receive Him.

Prayer does not bring God down to us, 

but brings us up to Him.  

                                                                            -Ellen White, Steps to Christ, 93.

Prayer Requests If you have a prayer request you would like to share with the pastoral staff or our prayer ministry team, you can submit your request by clicking here.

If you would like to present a request to our Prayers for Squares Quilt ministry, you can do so by clicking here.  (Prayers for Squares makes quilts for people in need of prayer.  Church members are invited to tie a knot on the quilt as they pray, and the quilt is presented as a reminder that they are wrapped in the prayers of our church family).

Adding Depth to your walk

Starting off the day prayerfully reflecting on a passage of scripture . . .


   Taking some time at the end of the day

           to think about how God has been with you through the day . . .

       Planning ways to be in the scriptures, or in prayer, 

            or in acts of compassion or service to others throughout the day . . .

                 Being part of a small group,

                             or perhaps benefiting from the contributions of those

                                                 who have been over the path before you . . . 

 . . . there are many ways that you can continue to grow

                      in your relationship with God - and add depth to your walk.

Here are a list of resources that may help to enrich your journey (not listed in any particular order)

                   Steps to Christ

                   The Desire of Ages

                   Christ's Object Lessons (parables of Jesus)

                   Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing

Printed Resources:

  • Dybdahl, Jon L., Hunger: Satisfying the Longing of Your Soul, Review and Herald Publishing Association, 2008.

Click on the Links Below to enjoy some 4-5 minute video devotionals:

Questions /  Study

Jesus invites us worship God will all our heart, mind, and strength.  

Worship is not just a matter of how we feel, or a decision we make to believe something we've been told, but it also involves making sense out of what we believe. One person has said, "My heart cannot rejoice in what my mind rejects" which is why we believe that honoring God and His Word involves bringing the best thought, research, and our collective wisdom to the task.   

In a world where technology has made it possible for anyone to publish anything, some have observed that while readily available "information" can seem like it is a thousand miles wide, it is too often only about a quarter of an inch deep, and sometimes also reflects poor scholarship and misinformation. So, with that in mind, what we've tried to do here is provide you with links to some of the better, more helpful, resources as you honor God by worshiping with all your heart, strength, and your mind as well. This, of course, is not an exhaustive or infallible list, but it is a good place to start.  

Some Current Topics / Issues You May Have Questions About:

Spiritual Formation and the Controversy Surrounding it

             - Listening for God in the Other

             - Continuing a Fictitious Conversation

             - Still Talking: Contemplative Spirituality

Women in Ministry

Social and Relational Issues

    Domestic Violence

    Understanding Human Sexuality

Bible Study / Hermeneutics

Current Events

    Racism and Social Justice

Other Bible Study Resources* 

(This is not an official endorsement of the views that may occasionally be represented there in some of the resources - simply a list of resources where you can find helpful information. )