Weddings at calimesa

We are pleased that you are considering having your wedding at our church, and look forward to assisting you in planning a service that will bring you many rich and joyous memories. We know you have already given a lot of thought to planning a service that is personally meaningful and which reflects a rich sense of God’s presence. 

While no two weddings are the same, we have prepared some guidelines that we believe will be helpful to you. Please read the policy in its entirety, and if you have any questions please let us know. Since dates are often reserved far in advance, we suggest that you check with our church secretary to see if the date you are interested in is available. If it is, then once you have filled out and signed the Wedding Policy Agreement form, have your Premarital form signed and filed, and made your deposit, we can schedule the date for you.


Wedding Policy Guidlines

Pre-marital Counseling:

Those wishing to use the facilities must make arrangements at least 3 months prior to the proposed wedding date. During this period, or prior to it, the couple should seek pre-marital counseling with a pastor, counselor or therapist, or should enroll in a series of premarital classes offered by the church or other qualified group. Whatever avenue is chosen, it should include such topics as religion, communication skills, family background, roles, finance, conflict resolution, sexuality, values, etc. If the minister officiating is not a member of our staff or the counseling is not done through our church, we require a Pre-Maritial Counseling Letter. When the counseling letter and the deposit have been received, the date may then be reserved for your wedding.  


A Wedding Application Form should be completed and returned to the church office at least 3 months prior to the wedding date. The deposit covers cleaning, breakage and overtime charges. the deposit is in addition to the fee charged for the use of the facilities. A reservation will be held for two weeks without this application and deposit. 

The deposit will be returned within two weeks after the service, provided that the facilities are left in the same neat condition in which they were found. If equipment or church facilities have been damaged, or additional cleaning is required by custodial staff, or if hostess hours exceed the 15 hours, those fees will be deducted from your deposit.  

Facility Coordinator: (Our Host/Hostess)

For the convenience of the bridal couple and the church, we require that our Facility Coordinator be used. Their job as your host/hostess includes showing the church to prospective brides, supervising the placement of wedding equipment for the ceremony and its return to storage, and the unlocking and locking of doors. The coordinator is to be on the premises at all times for the decorating, rehearsal, ceremony, clean-up and catering services. They are there to work with your coordinator to make your day special. Their time is limited to 15 hours, which is included in the wedding charges.

The church does not provide a ceremony coordinator. The coordinator will help you plan your wedding service and help ensure that the service runs smoothly. You should arrange with them personally and pay their fees separately. If you choose someone who is not acquainted with our church facility, we require that they work closely with the church's Facility Coordinator.  

Overtime: The total time allowed for Preparation, Rehearsal, Wedding and Reception is 15 hours. There will be a $50.00 per hour charge for the facility and the Facility Coordinator's time past 15 hours. This will be deducted from your deposit. 


Because Weddings are a religious service, we believe that all music, either vocal or instrumental, classical or contemporary, be in good taste and appropriate for such a service.


While organists are not included as a part of your fees, the names of several church organists can be obtained from the church office. You may contact them personally and arrange with them for rehearsal and wedding times. Organist fees are to be paid separately. If you choose an organist who is not familiar with our organ, rehearsal time should be arranged with the church office and head organist.


Food is permitted ONLY in the Junior room, Kitchen, Fellowship Hall and Fireside Room. The church prohibits the use of RED DYE based punches, to prevent stains on the carpet.


The sanctuary platform furniture and foyer furniture may be moved only under the supervision of the host/hostess in charge. The piano and organ are not to be moved. The bulletin board in the foyer may be decorated to suit your theme.


All decoration plans must be approved by the Wedding Facility Coordinator (Host/Hostess). Decorations are not to be attached to any surface with material that will damage the finish of the pews, walls or other furnishings. The use of masking tape, scotch tape, floral tape or tacks are not permitted. The use of floral or chenille wire is recommended. Pew clips may be used for center isle decoration, to hold candles or flower arrangements. A protective covering must be placed under any flower container that might drip on the carpet or furniture. Your florist may help with ideas on how to attach flowers or decorations.


Your wedding fee covers one planning meeting with the Wedding Facility Coordinator (Host/Hostess), one rehearsal, the use of a Wedding Hall, three (3) preparation rooms (Kindergarten, Junior, Mothers), the Church Wedding Facility Coordinator (Host/Hostess), P.A. Personnel, and the use of any of the following equipment (at no charge). 

  • Kneeling Bench  
  • Guest Book stand(s)
  • 2 Candle Lighters   
  • 4 Adjustable Plant Stands
  • 4 Two-Arm 7 candle Candelabra
  • 1 Arch 15 candle Candelabra
  • 1 Unity Candelabra (adjustable L or S)  
  • 2 Cluster (tree shaped) 29 candle Candelabra
  • Aisle Candelabra (12 candles)
  • Aisle Swag
  • Aisle Runner
  • Wooden Arch (painted white)    
  • Petal Tapers/ Candle Insert (8").
  • Metal Tapers/ Candle Insert (15")
  • Tables (48" Round - seats 6) 
  • Tables (8' Rectangular - seats 10)
  • Chairs  


The church provides white metal tapers with dripless wax inserts for use in the sanctuary. The inserts will be charged at market price, with no mark-up. The bridal couple must provide their own DRIPLESS UNITY CANDLE. No other type of candle is permitted.


During December when the church is decorated with a Christmas theme, no additional flowers are usually needed except for your corsages, bouquets and boutonnière. There will be an additional charge for the use of the church during the decorated Christmas season. Seasonal decorations are not to be changed.


The rehearsal dinner is usually held in the Fellowship Hall for larger groups. The Junior Room is used when there are fewer than 25 guests. The use of the kitchen is included is included in the fee. The Junior Room is a multipurpose room, used for floral or other wedding preparation. It is the only room except for the Kitchen and Fellowship Hall in which food is allowed.


To minimize drastractions during the service, we suggest that photographers do not use flash or flood lights during the ceremony. Video cameras should be in a stationary position during the wedding service. Bridal party pictures should be taken before or after the service. The church has video capabilities for overflow guests in the Garden Chapel for an additional fee. Costs vary with the services requested.


The Fellowship Hall seats 160 people for a sit-down meal. For a buffet style meal, more guests can be served. The patio are may be used as overflow. The patio will hold approximately 50 chairs. The use of the newly remodeled kitchen, featuring two convection ovens, two microwave ovens, an ice machine as well as tables and chairs are included in the reception fee. The church prohibits the use of RED DYE based punches, to prevent stains on the carpeting.


The Church provides a 75 foot aisle runner for the main aisle. There will be a cleaning charge for the use of the runner. An aisle runner is not mandatory unless dry or fresh flower petals are used in the ceremony. There are also 12 Aisle Candelabras which may be decorated with floral arrangements or swags.


The Church holds a total of 550 guests for a wedding service: 375 in the Main Sanctuary, 25 in the balcony and 150 in the Garden Chapel. The Church has 17 rows of pews on each side of the main aisle.


The bride and groom must appoint someone to be in charge of the cleanup of the sanctuary flowers in the sanctuary, and the dressing and reception areas used during the wedding services. This needs to take place IMMEDIATELY after the events. The Wedding Facility Coordinator (host/hostess) will be present to supervise and help remove equipment from the sanctuary. Several people working together can significantly shorten the amount of cleanup time required. The church is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please report any spills on the carpeting IMMEDIATELY to the Wedding Facility Coordinator (host/hostess).


The wedding preparations should not infringe on the hours of the Sabbath, which is from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night.  

Out of our desire to respect the nature of the occasion and all of those participating in it, we do not allow loud, boisterous, or otherwise inappropriate behavior before, during or after the wedding service or rehearsal. We also do not allow SMOKING or the consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on the church premises at any time

Rental Equipment:

Any outside equipment or rentals brought to the church must be returned immediately, or arrangements made with the church office for pick-up during church office hours. This is not the responsibility of the Church Wedding Facility Coordinator (host/hostess) or the church secretary. Please work with them to schedule pick-up times for rental equipment. A list of local rental sources is available from the Church Wedding Facility Coordinator (host/hostess). The church is not responsible for lost or stolen items.