Tithe  &  Offering

In response to God's generous grace, we are invited to live generously as well - not as owners but as stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to our care.

The ministries of our church are funded through the gifts of those who have chosen to live generously in response to God's generosity. 

In our church, our giving looks like this:

types of giving

  • TITHE - the regular giving of 10% of one's income. Tithe funds are pooled and distributed world-wide to support pastors, teachers and denominational workers.  Click Here for a more detailed description of how tithe dollars are used here in the Southeastern California Conference.
  • CHURCH BUDGET - (suggested 3% of income) This covers the local church's expenses, including office salaries, utilities, school subsidy, supplies, and some of our local ministries. (Pastors are paid by the conference from Tithe funds).
  • SPECIAL OFFERINGS - gifts to specific church ministries not funded by the budget - including Community Services, Church Member Assistance, our Food Bank and other missions or special projects. To see a list of many of these projects scroll down further.

Tithe and Offerings are received during our worship services, by sending them to the church office, or by paying on line.  

Pay Tithes & Offerings on Line

2017 Offering Schedule                     

Tithe Envelope Description & Information

Highlighted  giving  opportunities

  • Christmas Offering 2016                    

    Giving Projects Are:         More Details     


    $ 6,000 Youth Short Term Missions                                                   

    $10,000  Calimesa Mission Trips                                                        

      $ 2,000   Foothill Family Shelter                                                        

    $ 2,000   Community Bridge                                                              

    $10,000  Adventist World Aviation (Labore's Housing Construction

    $10,000  Beehive International/Haiti/Truck                                        

    *If goal is exceeded, additional funds will go toward Facility Improvement

                                TOTAL GOAL  $40,000                                                   

               Amount Raised -  $61,593 !             

  • Community Services

    A ministry providing emergency assistance to members of our community and *church members (food, limited assistance with rent or utilities, clothing, and referral to other helpful resources). This ministry relies entirely on specific giving (it is not funded by our church budget). Donations of canned and other non-perishable food items are also gladly accepted.

  • Member Assistance

    Status: Heavily used fund, always in need of donations

    A uniquely focused aspect of our Community Services Ministry.  As an additional dimension of our Community Services ministry, Member Assistance provides emergency assistance to our church members, including food, limited assistance with rent or utilitis, clothing and other special needs that may arise in our church family. This ministry, as a part of Community Services, also relies entirely on specific giving (it is not funded by our church budget).

  • Equiping & Developing

    STATUS:  minimal funds at this point

    This fund is used to help pay for training and supporting ministry leaders through continuing education seminars and making simlar resources available. This ministry relies entirely on specific giving (it is not funded by our church budget).

  • other giving opportunities

    There are many other specific ministries to which you can give. For a more complete list you can check our on-line giving site, or contact the church office or one of the pastoral staff.